Spa Treatments

A Perfect Tan... FAST!

Mystic Tan HD

In just 3 minutes, achieve the desired even, full-body tan, from our private, warm, automated in-salon spray tanning booths at a Mystic Tan salon near you. Whatever the moment – wedding, date, vacation, party or just because you deserve it – it’s always the right time to Mystic Tan. After performing 50+ million tans, you can be confident that Mystic Tan will give you the look you desire for every… style, mood, season or event.

  • Multiple shades of bronzers to enhance each tanner’s individual skin tone
  • Seasonal scents to personalize the in-salon tanning experience
  • Cool, breakthrough technology helps eliminate the dreaded orange and skin-odor
  • Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Cruelty Free • Non-Comedogenic

Cocoon Wellness Pro

A luxurious, full body, powered massage system ergonomically situated within a pod of thermal active energy creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body, and spirit – Enter the Cocoon Wellness Pro.

  • General wellness system that is part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Promotes relaxation & Stress management
  • Maintain weight management or assist with weight loss goals
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Assists in firming, toning, and improving physical fitness
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle sleep management choices
  • Customized vibration massage

The scope of wellness is changing, expanding beyond the four walls of fitness centers and yoga studios. Be the first to treat yourself, your friends or your clients to a one-stop shop for natural wellness. The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod can take you back in time to benefit from time-honored wellness methods. Lay down inside the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod and experience a range of programs including fitness, relaxation, and weight management programs. The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod features six preset programs of wellness technologies made with combinations of highly sophisticated components like dry heat, vibration massage, aromatherapy, salt treatment and jade stones.

Light Therapy & Water Massage

Give your skin what it needs with our gentle, non-invasive light therapy treatment! Choose from a variety of options. Whether you want to tackle pesky fine lines and wrinkles or smooth your skin away from acne scars, light therapy is an easy way to see a difference in your skin without harmful creams and expensive laser treatments.

While you're getting the best skin of your life you can sit back and relax with the sounds of serenity with our hydro massage chair. Listen to calming music or play games while you get a water massage that is configured to your needs and areas of concern. You can choose from different pressure settings, areas of the body, and massage techniques.


Red Light: Involved emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and renewal, increase blood flow, and stimulate collagen production. Creates a powerful anti-aging effect on the appearance of your skin.

Blue Light: Commonly used to treat sun damage or malignant skin cancer growths. It can actually be used to prevent skin cancer and remove both precancerous skin lesions and cancerous skin lesions that haven't spread to other areas of the body. IT can help with removing sun spots, acne, and even scars that were originally caused by acne.

Yellow Light: Commonly used to treat skin redness and flushing, irritation, rosacea, UV radiation damage, and reducing the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on the nose and face.

Results can arrive within 20 minutes after treatment. As a skin healing therapy, some improvements should be noticed in as little as 24 hours from the first treatment. It is recommended to have 3-4 sessions per week for the first 12 weeks. Continues use accelerates cellular activity and fuels the collagen and elastin process your skin. After your first 12 weeks, it is recommended to have 1 -2 sessions per week thereafter.

Dermatology Booth

Our dermatology booth is designed to offer you optimum UV light therapy for a wide range of skin conditions. Below is a list of skin conditions that may benefit from the use of the Dermatology Phototherapy Booth:

• Psoriasis
• Vitiligo
• Eczema
• Persistent itching (pruritus)
• Atopic Dermatitis
• Graft-versus-host disease, which is a complication associated with bone marrow transplants

Noticeable & Comprehensive Health Benefits

Using the Photon-Genius produces potent antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers. The Photon- Genius helps regulate muscle tone of the arteries and prevents arteriosclerosis and is anti-inflammatory preventing injury to vessel walls and normalizing blood pressure in the process.

Using the Photon-Genius produces powerful brain cell protectors, neurotransmitters, memory and learning enhancers (transmitting harmonic, balanced chemical messages in the brain).

The Photon-Genius transmits, imprints, and reminds the human body at the cellular level of the essential creative process of perpetual enlivening energy that results in more natural and empowered regenerative processes throughout the body.

The Photon-Genius is a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use dynamic means of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health, wellness and more efficient, natural regeneration and rejuvenation. The Photon-Genius technologies provide “noticeable” and “comprehensive” health benefits to make your body the best it can be.

Photon Genius

*Has Nobel Gas Light that produces Nitric Oxide.

*One of the most powerful Infrared Saunas on the Market.

*Has all three frequencies of Infrared light (near, mid and Far) that effectively detox the body(especially heavy metals.)

* Alleviate pain

* Detoxify the body

* Strengthen cardiovascular system

* Devitalize and clear pathogens, fungus, mold, bacteria, germs, etc.

* Regenerate tissue & bone

* Improve symptoms of most diseases

* Reflow nerve pathways

* Empower body’s immune system

* Promote longevity

* Promote weight loss (30 minute session burns over 700 calories)

The evidence supported in over 4000 clinical trials and 500 RCT’s is clear. The research suggests:

Wellness Benefits may accrue from minor aches and pains to root cause healing of deep-seated health conditions.

Cognitive Benefits have been shown with TBI, CTE’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's disease and more.

Aesthetic Benefits Like a facial for the entire body, increases in Collagen thickness and Elastin tightening may improve skin tone for face and body.

Performance Benefits for athletes may include improvement in Strength, Speed, Endurance and it is shown to provide a Protective function against mechanical injuries that may occur in competition, speeding recovery time.


*The ATP is the most powerful, state of the art LED Light Therapy Machine.

*The ATP has over 2,300 LED's that deliver 2,800 watts continuous.

*The ATP has 5 Frequencies of light, One Green, Two Red and Two Near Infrared.

Whole Body Photobiomodulation Therapy is a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. This non-invasive therapy simultaneously affects Wellness, Cognition, Aesthetics and Performance. Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better

The positive cellular actions of detoxication, improved circulation, improved mitochondrial function (energy) coupled with an overall reduction in inflammation send a cascade of activities downstream that may benefit the tissues, organs and systems of the body. According to Harvard researcher Dr Hamblin, nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body benefits from the reactions triggered by the right light at the right wavelength in the right intensity.